Just a Quiet, Innocent Game Night

Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan. We can choose to complain and be upset, or we can laugh and keep it as an unforgettable memory. Such was my party…

The guests began arriving at 4 p.m., and trickled in until 4:15 or so. During the period of time in between, we split up into two teams for a game of my own invention (thus, it doesn’t have a title as of yet). To describe it in a nutshell, it’s a mixture of a treasure hunt and scavenger hunt, with money and cheating involved. Sound interesting? I’d love to hear the thoughts and suggestions of those who came so I know how to improve it. Feel free to comment below.

Anyway, this game ended at 6:07(ish). And of course, a party without pizza is a lame party, so we had Costco pizza for dinner. During the conversations and fellowship during dinner, we passed around a notepad for the purpose of the Sentence Story game. Ever heard of the Sentence Story game? Probably not, since I can’t remember the correct title. 🙂 To play, everyone writes a sentence of the story. Simple, right? However, there’s a catch (naturally). You may only read the sentence before your own to understand what to write about. Thus, these sentences are quite hilarious, and the story very random and unique. And, in case you’re wondering, that story WILL be published in just a few minutes. Enjoy that when it comes around. 🙂

Dinner eaten, we gathered in the living room for an entertaining game of Guesstures. Entertaining not only because of the acting (which kept us very amused), but also because of the teasing and jokes associated with a teen game night.

Moving from the entertainment of Guesstures to the challenge of Four on a Couch, the more serious aspects of competition began to show themselves in our group. The goal of the game was to place four of your team members on the couch. You can imagine the laughter when some poor soul (no names mentioned) forgot their team member’s new name (everyone switching identities at the beginning).

At the end of this game, we began to transition into the more calm and serious part of the evening. Or so we thought! I can remember telling everyone, “Alright, now we’re gonna move into the calm part of the night”. And, for the first part, it was. We all prayed about something we’ve been worrying about, not giving to the Lord, been addicted to, etc., and wrote it on a piece of paper. Then, without showing the paper to anyone, we burned it with a candle placed in a bowl center-stage. It was a great moment. Our troubles began with the fire alarm going off, as the smoke from paper and candle began to grow rather large. Still, we were not alarmed, and went about the business of putting out our candle. This was easier said than done. I first tried to carry it outside, but by this time the (rather large) candle had melted down, resulting in an ever-growing flame. Thus, some brain surgeon (so, me) suggested that we pour water on it to get it to stop growing. Hmm. Evidently I haven’t passed science yet. Unfortunately, this suggestion was carried out, resulting in a new flame that rose to the level of the ceiling. As you can imagine, chaos broke out. My dad grabbed the flaming bowl like some hero from a Western movie, I rushed outside for the hose (what I was thinking, we will never know, considering water was what started the trouble), and mom hurried to open the door for dad, during which 16 teens exited the house or got out of the way as best they could.

Thankfully, my dad managed to carry the bowl outside onto our cement patio and they got the fire put out (my father being burned in the process). Upon my dad leaving, however, the wax from the bowl was spilled onto our floor, and we spent the rest of our calm devotional time cleaning wax off the floor.

 Wax on wax off

The best part of the party? Cleaning up the wax. Why? Because we all had a blast laughing, joking, and enjoying each other’s company while scraping wax off the floor.

I appreciate all my awesome friends so much, and can’t wait to enjoy more parties with them and others who couldn’t make it last night. However, we’re not allowing flame at any of my parties from now on. 🙂

That’s all for now!

-Elias Arwell


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  1. savyally · September 20, 2015

    Reblogged this on Deep Enough to Dream and commented:
    Hi everyone! I promise to write something soon, but until then here is a blog post about a party I went to. It was written by our pastor’s son and is about our devotional.


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